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Welcome to Tent & Trails!

At Tent and Trails, we feel that your trip starts the moment you walk through our doors. We will take the time to ensure that your supply list is complete and explain how to use the equipment. We go through extensive dealer training to guarantee you will be confident in your ability to use your equipment to it's fullest potential. You will leave secure in knowing that you have been completely outfitted with the most up to date equipment.

We have over 50 years experience outfitting everything from adventure vacations, weekend excursions, and overnight getaways. Our staff consists of experienced hikers, rock climbers, and campers. We don't just sell our equipment, we use it.

Location & Hours

21 Park Place, New York, NY 10007

M-F & Sat 9:30am - 6pm • Thurs & Fri 9:30am - 7pm • SUN Noon - 6pm