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These are some of our customers most frequently asked questions.  At Tent and Trails, we have the experience and the training to answer any question you may have regarding hiking, camping, or mountain climbing.   Just click on any of the links below.  We hope the information contained here is helpful.

Checklists Maintenance
  1. Basic hikers checklist (opens as a .pdf file)
  2. Basic travellers checklist (opens as a .pdf file)
  3. Costa Rica Eco Travel check list (opens as a .pdf file)
  4. First aid check list (opens as a .pdf file)
  5. Inca trail check list (opens as a .pdf file)
  6. Kilmanjaro check list (opens as a .pdf file)
  1. How to care for your waterproof garment (opens as a .pdf file)
  2. How to care for your hiking boots (opens as a .pdf file)
  3. Instruction for cleaning down garment (opens as a .pdf file)
Clothing and Equipment basics How To
  1. The Basics about folding knifes (opens as a .pdf file)
  2. The Basics about binoculars (opens as a .pdf file)
  3. The Basics about sunglasses (opens as a .pdf file)
  4. HOW TO Layer II (opens as a .pdf file)
  5. HOW TO choose backpacking socks (opens as a .doc file)
  6. HOW TO choose a sleeping bag (opens as a .pdf file)
  7. HOW TO choose a backpack (opens as a .pdf file)
  8. HOW TO choose a tent (opens as a .pdf file)
  1. HOW TO pack your backpack (opens as a .pdf file)
Safty Information  
  1. Mosquito information (opens as a .pdf file)
  2. Black Bear Fact Sheet for Backcountry Users (opens as a .pdf file)
  3. Acute Mountain Sickness (opens as a .pdf file)
  4. Water Treatment While Travelling (opens as a .pdf file)
  5. Stoves on a plane (opens as a .pdf file)